Daily Hunt

Whether you see them as unique gift ideas or as wish-listed items you’d get for yourself, the following selection provides tons of inspiration:

1. Mini Triangle Handbag by Startfrom

1 Mini Triangle handbag

Halfway between geometrical perfection and the practicality of a daily use item, this adorable shoulder bag is 100% handmade and ready to accompany its new owner into their daily adventure. Will that be you? ;)

Available from Startfrom

2. NO. 345 Personalized Men’s Toiletry Bag by SivaniDesignsShop

2 Personalized Mens Toiletry Shaving Bag

A superb gift idea for men, this personalized heavy duty bag is the accessory they didn’t even know they needed. Add the punching blue hue and you have an irresistible go-to item. Cool, isn’t it?

Available from SivaniDesignsShop

3. Mint, Peach, White Cloud Mobile by leptitpapillon

3 mobile for nursery

This wonderful mobile is about to take your world by storm! With 3 gorgeous fluffy pastel clouds and mesmerizing droplets hanging from a golden ring, it is sure to make babies go to sleep peacefully. Sleep tight!

Available from leptitpapillon

4. Wood Watch by Burnwoods

4 Wood watch

Whoa! Could this wooden watch be exactly what your stylish wardrobe needed? It has all the potential to become your favorite everyday accessory… :)

Available from Burnwoods

5. “Bon Appetit” Wooden Sign by BotanikaStudio

5 Bon appetit distressed wooden sign

Whether you see it as a nifty kitchen décor item or as gift for your cooking-obsessed friend, the verdict on this wooden sign is the same: fabulous and heart-warming. Bon appetit!

Available from BotanikaStudio

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores