Daily Hunt

Something for your inner musician, a fun mix of home accessories and the coolest handmade fan are all waiting to be discovered:

1. Needle Felted Whale by PetitFelts


Suitable for use in a finger puppet play or simply to be kept around as décor, this lovely whale will look happy no matter where it pops up. Fun and entertaining for children and adults alike!

Available from PetitFelts

2. Spanish Handmade Folding Fan by Olele


Hailing all the way from sunny Spain, this handmade fan will make even the hottest of days a bit more liveable. Just let yourself be captivated by its intricate print and gust away with the cool breeze!

Available from Olele

3. Cupcake Ukulele by celentanowoodworks


Love playing the ukulele? Well then, get ready to enjoy it even more! This cupcake-shaped one will make any tune sound even sweeter. You can now have your cake AND play it! ;)

Available from celentanowoodworks

4. iPad, Tablet & eReader Bean Bag Cushion Stand by iBeani


Let’s face it: finding a comfortable position for both you and your tablet can sometimes be a struggle. So the next time your curl up on the sofa, make sure you have this tablet bean bag cushion around – it’ll hold your gadget in any way you wish.

Available from iBeani

5. Ceramic Bangle by LiquoriceMoonStudios


How GORGEOUS is this? Hand sculpted from Australian stoneware clay and hand decorated in copper luster, this unique bangle is perfect for all you bohemian muses out there. Pro tip: get several and wear them together – they’ll make a lovely jingling sound.

Available from LiquoriceMoonStudios

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores