Daily Hunt

Fridays are for pampering and recreational online browsing, so lean back, take a deep breath and relax with this memorable mix of handmade products… You’ll find something for you, for your significant other and something for your home as well – the perfect starting point for a restful weekend. Enjoy:

1. Porcelain Faceted Crystal Necklace in 14k Gold Luster by redravenstudios

1 Porcelain Faceted Crystal Necklace

Crystal pendant necklaces have been around for a while, but if you still haven’t gotten a chance to try the trend, how about going directly for a fresh rendition? These lovely porcelain quartz “crystals” have a 14k gold luster that can liven up a simple tee or be a glam addition to any summer dress.

Available from redravenstudios

2. Moleskine Cover by JustWanderlustShop

2 Moleskine cover

If you cherish your Moleskine and are ready to kick things to a whole new level, then this multifunctional cover is the way to do it. Made only out of leather and waxed thread, it is equipped to harbor not just classic Moleskine pocket notebooks, but also your phone, crayons, pencils, passport, cards… anything you want, really. Tempted?

Available from JustWanderlustShop

3. Trinket Box – Felt Jar With Leather Lid by SKANDINAVIOUS

3 Trinket box

Look at this cute little box! Perfect for holding small trinkets or coins, this wonderful felt creation can easily liven up a corner of your room – quite nice, isn’t it so?

Available from SKANDINAVIOUS

4. Waxed Canvas Toiletry Bag by Creazionidiangelina

4 Waxed canvas Toiletry bag

Heading out for a weekend getaway? Don’t leave your essentials behind! Throw them all in this handy toiletry bag and be done with it. Cool, rugged and with a rustic edge, this is the kind of personal item that further defines a man’s style.

Available from Creazionidiangelina

5. Wooden Coasters by RyonDesign

5 Wooden Coasters

These playful wooden coasters are perfect for those who are always looking for fun and innovation. Use them together or individually every time you want to strike up a conversation with your guests!

Available from RyonDesign

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores