Daily Hunt

You may think you’ve seen it all, but you haven’t. Today’s assortment of handmade objects will rock your world! From innovative to cool, functional, romantic and everything in between, this mostly blue-and-white selection has it all:

1. Antler Wall Mount by KINGFOUR

01 Antler Wall Mount

This resin antler hook will hold your coats, towels or (why not?) it could display your jewelry collection. Either way, it will add a romantic slash bohemian touch to your space.

Available from KINGFOUR

2. White Linen curtain Ombrè Blue by LovelyHomeIdea

02 White Linen curtain Ombre Blue

Finding the perfect drapes can be such a struggle, especially if you’re looking for something with some personality. Luckily, this beautiful curtain is here to help your cause. Its white and blue ombrè mix will look splendid in any room of your choice.

Available from LovelyHomeIdea

3. Cat Ring Dish by PotteryLodge

03 Cat Ring Dish

This cuteness of a ring dish would make a superb present for a bride, a friend or, most likely, a teenager. Oh, and it features 22k gold ears and whiskers for an extra dose of glam!

Available from PotteryLodge

4. Desk Organiser by GoldenBiscotti

04 Desk organiser

If a clean, minimalistic aesthetic is your jam, then this organiser should be straight up your alley. Made of simple geometric shapes, it can be used to store pens, papers, keys, letters, business cards and other odds and ends. Organised life, here we come!

Available from GoldenBiscotti

5. FIXA multi functional wood bike shelf by WeAreChrome

05 FIXA multi functional wood bike shelf

Safekeeping your bike in your home, atelier or garage is now easier! This multi-functional bike shelf provides clever bike storage and you can use the top shelf as additional space for small accessories. Simple and awesome!

Available from WeAreChrome

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores