Daily Hunt

Give your home a small update using these cool accessories. P.S. There’s something for your cat in there as well! ;)

1. Hand Woven Storage Basket by TeneBasket

1 Storage Basket Hand Woven

You know those little objects that don’t really have a place of their own and somehow end up scattered around the house? Put an end to the messy situation by using this fabulous basket! Hand made from palm branches, it is a unique piece that you’ll love to see and use.

Available from TeneBasket

2. Little Apple Shelf by RedHandGang

2 Little Apple Shelf

Introducing: the cutest shelf ever! Shaped like an apple and made from sustainable birch ply, it’s the perfect choice for the children’s room. Use it to store lightweight items and enjoy!

Available from RedHandGang

3. Blue Leather Clutch by AnaKoutsi

3 Blue leather clutch

Girls’ night out? Be a star and stand out by matching your little black dress to this electric blue clutch! Its golden hardware and contrasting hand stitching will make it look impossibly cool.

Available from AnaKoutsi

4. Cat Bridge by CatastrophiCreations

4 Cat bridge

Ideal for your furry friend to climb on and walk along, this is an item that also doubles as an impromptu snoozing station. So don’t be surprised if you see your cat enjoying a nap right in the middle of the bridge, effectively blocking off all four-footed traffic.

Available from CatastrophiCreations

5. Rough Natural Bath Towel by malacosmetics

5 r o u g h natural bath towel

Relax at the end of a long day by soaking in a bathtub and get a good rub with one of these towels to feel alive again. There’s nothing like wiping with a natural bath towel to keep your skin looking fresh and forever young. :)

Available from malacosmetics

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores