Daily Hunt

You’d better brace yourself, because the following items will blow you away with their cool design, surprising functionality and impeccable handmade looks. Here they are:

1. Dessert Plater Made Of Real Limoges Porcelain by EMAtelier

What better way to make your meals more stylish than with a French hand painted ceramic tray? Use it to serve a yummy assortment of cheese or to bring out your favorite cakes – you will surely impress your friends!

Available from EMAtelier

2. The Brighten Up Quilt by Vkmadequilts

02 The Brighten Up Quilt

If you love a good ombre and yellow happens to be your favorite color, then this quilt is the addition your house needs. Perfect for kids to snuggle up to on the couch or in the crib, but also suitable for adults to take out on a picnic date, this lively quilt will brighten up your family’s every moment.

Available from VKmadequilts

3. Carousel Table Lamp by SmagaProjektanci

03 DIY Gift Idea Circus Lamp

Probably the most innovative item on today’s list, this DIY table lamp will set your creative wheels in motion ;) This shining, rotating carousel is designed for self-assembly, so you’ll need to revive your DIY skills. Don’t worry though, you’re bound to love it. Not to mention, you can take things one step forward by painting the plywood elements by yourself, with water-based colors: hello, one of a kind home décor item!

Available from SmagaProjektanci

4. Black Walnut Guitar Pick by debandf

04 wooden guitar pick box

A unique gift for your favorite guitarist, this handmade wooden box can hold up to 6 thin picks. Needless to say, having all of them in one safe place will prove to be a life saver time and time again. Try it and see!

Available from debandf

5. Linen Eco Tea Towels by BindandFold

05 Linen Eco Tea Towels

The tea towel used to be the least exciting item in the entire kitchen, but no more! This gorgeous blue towel will win you over with its hand dyed indigo pattern. Just one question remains: dip dyed or with a checkered pattern?

Available from BindandFold

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores