Daily Hunt

Make the start of this new week sweeter by browsing through these handpicked suggestions. Below you’ll find accessories for him and her, as well as something for your favorite four-legged friend… All these and more are waiting for you right here:

1. Circle Petal Ring by yukabyguliz

01 Circle Petal Ring

Starting off with an elegant ring that will definitely make its way into your daily jewellery assortment. Handmade out of gold plated brass, it has a simple, yet highly versatile design. Perfect to wear with ripped jeans and a tee, but also with a shift dress and heels.

Available from yukabyguliz

2. Mens Leather Bracelet by carpediemjewellery

02 Mens Leather Bracelet

Another handcrafted accessory, this time for him, comes in the shape of an elaborate bracelet. Made out of black leather and lava beads and topped off with a badass oxidized skull charm, this is the type of piece that makes a statement just by itself.

Available from carpediemjewellery

3. Bookmark “Penguin” by blancETSY

03 Bookmark Penguin

Instead of sticking to a plain, rectangular piece of cardboard, how about switching to a fun and sweet bookmark? Namely, this little penguin. It will look all sorts of cute while poking out of your favorite book. Great gift idea, as well ;)

Available from blancETSY

4. Martini Bowtie Dog Collar by LuxeMutt

04 Martini Bowtie Dog Collar

Show your pooch some extra loving with a brand new handmade collar! Available in quite a wild array of bright colors, this fancy artisan bowtie collar will be a well-deserved gift. Who’s a dashing pup now?

Available from LuxeMutt

5. ANNA Kokeshi Doll by SketchInc

05 ANNA Kokeshi Doll

This beautiful wooden doll was meticulously hand painted in non-toxic colours to resemble the iconic Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of US Vogue. A superb find that any fashion aficionado (or doll collector) would love and appreciate.

Available from SketchInc

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores