Daily Hunt

The simplest of designs are often the most beautiful. Check out today’s standout selection and get ready for some serious shopping:

1. Wall Bowls And Shelf Set by POAST

1 wall bowls and shelf set

Functional AND decorative? Yes! These bowls show off both qualities as they comfortably hang on your wall. Leave them empty for a minimalistic approach or store small trinkets to give the ensemble a more dynamic look. Either way, there’s just one word to describe them: gorgeous.

Available from POAST

2. Mural Wall Hang Driftwood Monster by JEVOJenniferVosteen

2 mural wall hang driftwood monster

Half cute, half frightening and all around adorable, the ONIDA driftwood monster is a unique handmade decoration that can’t wait to come and sit cross-legged in your home. You get to pick the room ;)

Available from JEVOJenniferVosteen

3. Elegant Rope Bracelet With Transparent Detail by ATUKO

3 Elegant rope bracelet

A superb finishing touch for your day-to-day outfits, this statement bracelet features a transparent detail that adds an elegant dimension to the entire design. 100% handmade, of course.

Available from ATUKO

4. Classic Canvas Duffle by Tombag

4 Classic Canvas Duffle

Military inspired and perfect for those who wish to have their hands free at all times, this practical canvas bag can easily become your go-to accessory. Water resistant, versatile and durable, it is ready to accompany you even on the wildest of adventures.

Available from Tombag

5. Wooden Bowling Set by IndieBambinoToys

5 Wooden bowling game

Your child will LOVE this personalized bowling game! Extra-colorful, hand painted and carefully finished, it will provide hours and hours of tireless play time. Excellent present idea, as well :)

Available from IndieBambinoToys

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores