Daily Hunt

Get ready for an avalanche of minimalist and cute home décor items. Even if it sounds unlikely, this combination is impossibly cool – browse till the end and discover them all!

1. LED Wood Lamp by industlamp

1 LED Wood Lamp

Never underestimate the power of good lighting! Perfectly blending functionality with modern design, this wooden LED lamp brings a touch of elegance to your favorite working spot.

Available from industlamp

2. John The Hedgehog by clayopera

2 John the hedgehog

Meet John! This cute hedgehog plate may come with a preset character, but you can use it for whatever your heart desires: as a regular plate, as a spoon rest, as a desert plate… the options are endless.

Available from clayopera

3. B83Box Plain – Turquoise Quartz Cuckoo Clock by pedromealha

3 B83Box modern cuckoo clock

If you’ve ever dreamt of finding the ultimate minimalist wall clock, then this is your pick! With its rounded corners and turquoise detailing, it will bring just the right amount of color into your home. And don’t worry about that mechanized bird chirping on and on: the clock is equipped with an automated system based on a light sensor, so once the sun is down or the lights are switched off, it’ll keep quiet. Magically practical!

Available from pedromealha

4. Porcelain Planter by taylorceramics

5 Porcelain Planter

Design lovers and architecture enthusiasts everywhere: this is for you! Loosely based on the shape of a spiral, this gorgeous planter was hand built so that its final looks resemble a sleek contemporary structure. Now! What plant will it harbour? :)

Available from taylorceramics

5. A Heather Gray Cat Keyboard Wrist Rest by socksmakeover

4 gray cat keyboard wrist rest

Meet your new coworker! Super soft and with an adorable face, this gray cat will sit patiently and support your wrists while you work. Perfect to keep for your home office or to give away to a student ;)

Available from socksmakeover

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores