Daily Hunt

Infuse your kitchen with a fun royal vibe, animate your sunglasses collection with a pair of handmade bamboo frames and find out how small clouds could keep your desk in order. We have a lot of interesting things to go through today! If you’re curious, jump right in:

1. Henry The Egg Cup, Set Of Two by hellodesignk

01 Henry the Egg Cup

Spice up your breakfast routine with a fancy egg holder. Inspired by King Henry VIII of England, its royal design puts a humorous twist to history. Will you give it a go?

Available from hellodesignk

2. The Tallow Shade – Polarised Bamboo Sunglasses by WheresWoody

02 Polarised Bamboo Sunglasses

Coveting a cool and totally affordable pair of sunglasses? Here’s your match! These handmade sunglasses are unisex and look all sorts of fabulous. The wood is FDA certified, the lenses are polarized and the flexible hinges are made out of stainless steel. Clearly, these sunglasses are natural winners!

Available from WheresWoody

3. The Algonquin Teepee by TailsEnd

03 The Algonquin Teepee

Camping indoors just became easier – for you cat, that is. Take a look at this cute and practical teepee! Perfect for your cat to cozy in and with fetching looks to match, you both are going to love it.

Available from TailsEnd

4. Coffee Mug Cozy by deboraBstudio

04 Coffee Mug Cozy

When the temperatures drop, make sure your beverage stays warm for longer by using a handmade cozy. The bright pop of color will make you feel more alive in the morning – an added bonus on top of the fun chevron pattern and the undeniable practicality. What do you say?

Available from deboraBstudio

5. Complete Cloud Storage Set of desktop organizers by OhDierLiving

05 Complete Cloud Storage Set of desktop organizers

Cloud storage takes on a whole new meaning with this superb set of wooden desk organizers. The set has three main components: a sticky note organizer, 3 nesting boxes and a pen holder. All shaped like clouds, of course.

Available from OhDierLiving

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores