Daily Hunt

Hope you came prepared, because all of the following items are so CRAZY GOOD that you’ll find yourself scrolling right till the end. Ready? Start right here:

1. The Original Sequin Shirt Hanger by PearlsandPastries

01 THE ORIGINAL Sequin Shirt Hanger

If any of you lovely ladies are getting married this summer, this might be the perfect hanger for your wedding dress. Let’s see… sequined, gold and super-gorgeous. Yup, that’s the stuff right there!

Available from PearlsandPastries

2. Men’s Shaving Kit by DivinaDenuevo

02 Mens Shaving Kit

Consider getting this vintage-style shaving case for that special man in your life. It would make a thoughtful birthday or anniversary present.

Available from DivinaDenuevo

3. Powerplay, A Macbook Power Adapter Cord Organizer by ABOVETHEFRAYCO

03 PowerPlay a MacBook power adapter cord organizer

Don’t you just hate it when your laptop cord unravels and slithers all over the place? This Etsy seller clearly feels the same. Their cord organizer will not only make your life easier, but it will also bring a cheerful pop of color into your daily routine. Talk about double duty!


4. Cereal Killer: Stamped Spoon by ForSuchATimeDesigns

04 CEREAL KILLER- Stamped Spoon

Destroy those cereals! This hand stamped vintage spoon is all about a simple approach that will never fail to put a smile on your face.

Available from ForSuchATimeDesigns

5. Secret Garden Silk Scarf by Somewherestore

05 Secret Garden Silk Scarf

This silk scarf with its colorful pattern is the ideal finishing touch for your daily outfits. Pro tip: tie it around the handles of your handbag if the weather gets too warm.

Available from Somewherestore

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores