Daily Hunt

Polkadots, tassels and… a dinosaur. Sound intriguing? They are all part of today’s mix of practical and fun handmade items. Discover them all:

1. Polka Dot Rain Coat by karmologyclinic

01 Polka Dot Rain Coat

Don’t let rain ever take you by surprise again! This polka dot rain coat is here to shield you from all those nasty drops. And, when the sun comes back again, simply fold it and tuck it away in its matching case. Perfect for a day around town, but also for music festivals, cycling, hiking… you name it!

Available from karmologyclinic

2. Flow Triangle Long Necklace With Tassel by YAYOIjewelry

02 FLOW triangle long necklace

This long tassel necklace is the statement necklace to rule all statement necklaces. Made of thick hand-dyed cotton ropes in an assortment of delicious colors, it can be the finishing touch to a pure, minimalistic outfit.

Available from YAYOIjewelry

3. Dinosaur Tissue Holder by shopSparklyPony

03 Tissue Holder

Who said tissue holders should be just boring old boxes? This yellow dinosaur is here to turn convention on its head. It’s both practical and fun: it would fit right in with an eclectic décor scheme or, of course, a child’s room.

Available from shopSparklyPony

4. Engraved Pizza Cutter by MilkandHoneyLuxuries


Pizza night? Bust this baby out and make a statement! “I love you more than pizza, and I REALLY love pizza” is quite a powerful expression, especially when it comes engraved on (what else?) this delightful pizza cutter.

Available from MilkandHoneyLuxuries

5. Mayan Hammock by HangAHammock

05 Mayan Hammock

Ahhh, relaxation time! What could be better than lounging in a cotton hammock all day? If you own a garden you’re in luck, but if not, don’t look away. The hammock is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, so get creative and find that perfect spot.

Available from HangAHammock

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores