Daily Hunt

You could file today’s handmade selection under both humourous and practical and not be wrong with either one. See why below:

1. Modern Designed Spiky Ceramic Jar by OlisCupboard

01 Modern designed spiky ceramic jar inspired by Blowfish

This spiky blowfish of a jar can be used to store your sweets, condiments or coffee. Just imagine it sitting tightly on the table, protecting the treasure inside… you’re already smiling aren’t you?

Available from OlisCupboard

2. Emerald Measuring Cup Set of Four by GrayDecember

02 Emerald Measuring Cup Set of Four

Measuring quantities will be sooo much more pleasant with these gorgeous ombré cups! Keep them on hand at all times and enjoy not only their direct functionality, but also their eye-catching colors.

Available from GrayDecember

3. Full Circle Ring by BruteBeauti

03 Full Circle Ring

Dainty, good quality jewellery that won’t break the bank is hard to find nowadays. Well, this ring is here to save the day. Handcrafted out of 14kt gold filled wire, it will add a discrete touch of bling to any of your looks.

Available from BruteBeauti

4. Felt Diamond Pillow by FaceAndEdges

05 Felt Diamond Pillow

If you can’t help but love fun decorations that are also practical, then this pillow should be right up your alley! It looks rock-solid, yet it’s soft and squishy. Mind numbing, right?

Available from FaceAndEdges

5. Ceramic pot – Basic Sitting by wacamoleceramic

04 Ceramic pot

This two-legged pot may look sad all by itself, but plant some small greenery inside and it will instantly come to life. If you have enough space in the kitchen, consider using it for fresh spices, like mint or basil. It will be your patient little helper ;)

Available from wacamoleceramic

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores