Daily Hunt

Today’s handmade mix is a tad more playful than usual, but just as varied. You’ll find something for him, something for her and a little something for your workspace, as well!

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1. Wood Coasters – Star Constellations by peppersprouts

01 Wood Coasters

Star gazing made easy: these coasters can certainly make any drink look amazing! Even if you aren’t tempted to get them right now, bookmark these babies for the next housewarming party you’ll be attending. Your friends will surely have stars in their eyes when they see them ;)

Available from peppersprouts

2. Chambray Bow Tie by FoxandBrie

02 Chambray Bow Tie

Hey there gents, look at this! This beautiful bow tie is the ideal accessory for the modern gentleman, with special powers to spruce up any of his fancy outfits. Will you join the club?

Available from FoxandBrie

3. Jewelry Accessories Organizer by HitonariWorks

03 Jewelry Accessories Organizer

If you’ve ever searched for a necklace or a ring for hours on end, this organizer will make your life a looooot easier. Just place your most worn pieces in it and voila – you know where everything is AND you can see what’s in it all the time, thanks to its rotating trays. No piece of jewelry will ever go missing again!

Available from HitonariWorks

4. Liquorice Monster Clutch Bag by joannaPYBUS

04 Liquorice Monster Clutch

Warning: a serious dose of humor is needed in order to wear this furry and adorable clutch. If you have it, you’re halfway there. Pair the “monster” with a simple tee, jeans and slip ons for an effortless style and let this statement piece do all the talking. Ok, staring.

Available from joannaPYBUS

5. Pineapple Print Mouse Pad by littlehawthorne

05 Pineapple Print Mouse Pad

Pineapples have been having a moment for a while now, but how could they not? Their tropical vibes and fun shape are perfect to brighten up anything from clothing to home décor and… even your office! Place this pineapple mouse pad on your desk and prepare for an exotic work day.

Available from littlehawthorne

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores