Daily Hunt

Between a sleek mailbox, a couple of hand-illustrated plates and some cool items for your pets, the following selection will leave you smiling. Start reading:

1. Modern Mailbox by CeCeWorks

1 Modern Mailbox

Suited for those with modern or minimalist mindsets, this impeccable stainless steel and teak mailbox will be an outstanding addition to your home, making a lasting impression on anyone who sees it. Keep the compliments coming!

Available from CeCeWorks

2. THINK TWICE Pocket Wallet by AIYshop

2 fabric money wallet

Thinking twice about what we spend money on is something we should all do. Don’t miss the memo next time you’re at the counter – this small pocket wallet is here to dutifully help!

Available from AIYshop

3. Cat Bed by AgnesFelt

3 Cat bed

Not all cat beds are the same! In a solid red color and handmade out of felt, this is a piece that’ll please both the owner and the pet. Striking, functional and superbly made: check, check and check!

Available from AgnesFelt

4. Striped Tee by pipolli

It’s not just the cats getting all the attention in today’s handmade selection – there’s something for dogs as well! Dress up your four-legged buddy with this classic striped tee and watch it prance around in style.

Available from pipolli

5. Whale Plates – Ceramic by lamalconttenta

5 Whale plates

Cooking for your better half? Serve the food in style with this adorable set of hand-illustrated plates… it’ll make any breakfast, lunch or dinner that more special ;)

Available from lamalconttenta

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores