Daily Hunt

Practical and serious or lovable and cute, the following handmade items are as varied as they are awesome. But don’t take our word for it, keep reading and see for yourself:

1. Little Rainbow Stegosaurus by MadeWithClayAndLove

1 Little Rainbow Stegosaurus

See, dinosaurs don’t always have to be scary! This adorable little stegosaurus of love will cheer you up in no time. It also makes the perfect little gift for a dear one.

Available from MadeWithClayAndLove

2. The Marlowe Lunchbag by PegandAwl

2 The Marlowe Lunchbag

Lunchtime just got fancier! Put your meals and snacks in this waxed canvas lunch bag and enjoy carrying it around – it looks just as good as the food it transports. Yum!

Available from PegandAwl

3. Chunky Wooden Pencil Rings by OhBotherDesign

3 Chunky wooden Pencil Rings

Thought you’ve seen it all when it comes to handmade jewelry? These pencil rings will exceed your wildest expectations. Topped with recycled pencil crayons, they are chunky, adorable and so much fun!

Available from OhBotherDesign

4. Clothing Rack by LittleRedIndustries

4 Clothing rack

It may not be apparent from the start, but this clever moveable rack can offer the extra bit of storage that your house needs. Roll it around and start using it wherever, whenever – practical and cool!

Available from LittleRedIndustries

5. Key Holder and Mail Holder by FactoryTwentyOne

5 Key Holder and Mail Holder

If you’re one to always misplace keys or have mail scattered all around the hallway floor, this 2 in 1 holder will end your struggle ;)

Available from FactoryTwentyOne

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores