Daily Hunt

White and light blue come together in today’s eclectic mix of handmade items. Inspired by the sea, a river or by fauna, these items will make your life and home a tiny bit happier:

1. Ariège, Porcelain And Gold Earrings by Gouttedeterre

01 porcelain and gold earrings

Named after the French river Ariège, these sweet porcelain earrings are perfect to wear on a casual afternoon or on a fancy date. Hand painted with gold, they can add a fine touch of decadence to your daily routine.

Available from Gouttedeterre

2. Handmade Leather Tote Bag by AVOLeatherDesign

02 Handmade leather tote bag

Ok, so leather totes are not an unusual sight. This one, however, with its blue hand painted motif, is so special that it will instantly take over your heart. The perfect bag to remind you of the sea and of summer days, it will be fun to carry both on and off the beach.

Available from AVOLeatherDesign

3. Owl Pencil Holder by ShopDululu

03 Owl Pencil holder

Liven up your office space with this intricate pencil holder! There are 2 finishes to choose from: stained cherry wood or white plastic – which one would be a better fit for your desk?

Available from ShopDululu

4. Lewis and Clark Expedition Stool by PegandAwl

04 Lewis and Clark Expedition Stool

A practical item to have on hand during a garden party, barbecue or outing with friends. You never know when this beautiful stool can save the day. Made of wood and waxed canvas, it’s also water resistant, so it should be ready to face any weather conditions.

Available from PegandAwl

5. White Minimalist Bud Vase by honeycombstudio

05 White Minimalist Bud Vase

Calling all minimalists! This simple, yet charming vase should be right up your alley. With a clean shape and impeccable finish, it will contrast beautifully with a bouquet of colorful wild flowers.

Available from honeycombstudio

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores