Daily Hunt

Whoever would have thought that animal- and plant-inspired handmade items could be so charming? Be amazed:

1. Bamboo Honeycomb Coasters by buProducts

1 Bamboo Honeycomb Coasters

Available to buy with an optional $5 donation for a bee preservation effort, these wonderful coasters make it possible to give something back to these hardworking insects. Bee-utiful!

Available from buProducts

2. Large Succulent Sculpture by WaterstoneSucculents


A ceramic succulent? Don’t raise your eyebrows just yet – this would make a perfect gift for your friend with a notoriously brown thumb. This figurine requires NO care and it looks fabulous as a modern home décor item. Talk about everlasting gifts!

Available from WaterstoneSucculents

3. COD – Fish Tote Bag by DonFisherShop

3 fish tote bag

You don’t really need an excuse to buy this fish-shaped clutch! If swimming against the stream is your thing, now you can show if off while also keeping your daily essentials within reach. Cool, eh?

Available from DonFisherShop

4. Owl Golden Moon Cup And Saucer by madrab

4 owl golden moon grey tea

Are you a creature of the night? Then you’ll definitely appreciate sipping your coffee out of this stunning cup every morning. Oh, and you can choose between a full moon or a crescent moon design, both of which are made using real gold. So decadent!

Available from madrab

5. Watermelon Holder by Vsocks


This versatile kitchen holder is suitable for sponges, napkins or even for a small book. Not to mention, it’ll remind you of summer even when the weather outside is anything but warm. Great as a gift for other summer-loving cooks!

Available from Vsocks

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores