Daily Hunt

A pair of adorable fox-shaped hand warmers, a panda cookie mug and a few more serious items thrown in for good measure – the following mix of handmade products is right for the entire family:

1. The HotShot Weekender Bag by AwlSnap

1 The HotShot Weekender Bag

Starting off the list with a practical bag that should be part of every man’s repertoire. Just pack it up, roll the top down to fit the contents and GO! Traveling in style will be way, way easier.

Available from AwlSnap

2. Bike Fox Hand Warmers By warmYourself


All together now: awww! These funny and cozy knitted foxes will make sure that your hands never get cold on the handlebars. A superb little gift for a teenager or, you know, for yourself! ;)

Available from warmYourself

3. Panda Cookie Dunk Mug by LennyMud

3 Panda Cookie dunk mug

Next time you’re about to curl up on the couch to enjoy a good read, take this panda mug along with you! With a special compartment for biscuits and a lovely face, it will surely keep you in good (and yummy) spirits.

Available from LennyMud

4. Woodpecker Lamp by nellianna

4 Woodpecker lamp

Give your favorite room a new feel with this geometric lamp! It gives off a smooth, warm light that you’ll find soothing in any interior space: living room, bedroom or nursery.

Available from nellianna

5. Glass Paper Boat by hereandnowshop

5 Glass paper boat

If you remember building paper boats when you were little, then this modern take on a childhood classic will make your heart sing with joy. Use it as decoration, keep your jewelry in it or store any other precious trinkets you might have laying around. All aboard!

Available from hereandnowshop

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores