Daily Hunt

Opposites attract! You’ll be surprised to know that today’s selection is a combination of both modern and rustic items. An impeccable porcelain cup, a ceramic plate with lace motifs and a set of… hankies are all waiting for you to discover them:

1. Galaxy Silk Scarf by marlenehuissoud

01 Silk scarf

A unique, handmade and 100% silk scarf would be amazing to wrap yourself in when the seasons change. Or to add as a final touch that jazzes up your casual looks. So many possibilities!

Available from marlenehuissoud

2. Rustic Ceramic Plate by Ceraminic

02 Rustic Ceramic Plate

This ivory and red ceramic plate is made using white clay and has an intricate flowery and lace pattern engraved onto it. Imagine having breakfast each morning off of this beauty! Or get a few more and save them for special occasions…

Available from Ceraminic

3. Black Porcelain Big Mug by ENDEceramics

03 Porcelain big mug

You don’t necessarily have to be into a minimalist aesthetic to love this cup. With its clean, yet sophisticated design, this Mobius cup has a universal appeal. Use it to drink your favorite beverage or even to enjoy some soup at lunchtime – your breaks and meals will become instantly chicer!

Available from ENDEceramics

4. Petit Cafe Set by HitonariWorks

04 Petit Cafe Set

Treat yourself with an exquisite coffee set! Carved from cherry wood, this set will remind you to take time for yourself and enjoy a good cup of coffee even during the busiest of days.

Available from HitonariWorks

5. Triple Hanky Pack by rcboisjoli

05 Triple Hanky Pack

Hand sewn, hand printed and all around lovable, this set of handkerchiefs would be a unique accessory to have in today’s fast-paced world. Set to become softer with each wash, these will only become better and better with time. Place them in your back pocket and have them on hand for any necessity.

Available from rcboisjoli

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores