Daily Hunt

We’re kicking off the weekend with a pretty impressive mix of wonderfully made items. Don’t say you weren’t warned – you’ll want them all:

1. Tool Bag / Bicycle Saddle Bag by gushleather

1 Tool bag

Colorful, well-made and practical: your bike would definitely benefit from one of these superb leather tool bags. Use it to stash various bits, tools or other small items you couldn’t otherwise carry on your bike. Now, which color to pick…?

Available from gushleather

2. Ceramic Blue Celadon Beastie Bud Vase by lovebugkiko

Just when you thought vases couldn’t surprise or enchant you anymore, along comes this handmade cutie to turn your suppositions on their head. With an asymmetrical design and various possibilities to carry small flowers, this is one of those pieces you’re going to love and cherish forever.

Available from lovebugkiko

3. For Like Ever Wood Sign by OhDierLiving

3 for like ever wood sign

Wooden signs have been around for quite a while, but they’re often just a single, key word. But this elaborate sign is a notch above the rest with a small fun wording that makes it a superb choice for a wedding or engagement party. Or you, know, to casually hang in your bedroom for, like, ever ;)

Available from OhDierLiving

4. Egg Heart for a gift (real heart shape) by RealHeartsTreasure

4 Egg Heart for a gift

A delicate and sweet gift, this ceramic heart is a jewelry–like piece that has the power to impress anyone who receives it. Giving your heart to another person has just become a literal possibility – and an impossibly beautiful one at that.

Available from RealHeartsTreasure

5. MacBook 13″3 pro laptop sleeve by FeelFeltLt

5 macbook laptop sleeve

Laptop sleeves usually come and go, so when you find an intricate one, you’d better seize the opportunity. Made to be fully functional (shock-absorbing, antistatic, water repellent) and pleasant to touch, this beauty will not disappoint you – in all truthfulness, your Macbook could use a bit of TLC, couldn’t it now?

Available from FeelFeltLt

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores