Daily Hunt

Reward yourself after a long week with one of these amazing handmade items! Decorate your home, upgrade your jewelry stash or get something for that cute cat of yours. Shop now:

1. Diamond Bar Bell Ring by LexLuxe

1 Diamond Bar Bell Ring

You know what they say… diamonds are a girl’s best friends – especially when they come mounted on a beautiful contemporary ring. Accented with an ice diamond on each end of the barbell, this ring is the best example of effortless and chic jewelry.

Available from LexLuxe

2. Bali Flower Bowl by TheSwedishGypsy

2 Bali Flower Bowl

If you’re having a hard time guessing what material this bowl is made of, that’s completely understandable. Here’s the short and surprising answer: concrete. Isn’t it beautiful? Embossed with a geometrical flower pattern on the inside, it looks ready to house your jewelry, keys, trinkets or even some small food items. Yum and yum!

Available from TheSwedishGypsy

3. Porcelain Bottle For Oil by ArtetManufacture

3 Porcelain bottle for oil

Cooking in style just got easier! This porcelain white and blue bottle will make you look fancy even when you’re just pouring oil for an omelette. Who would’ve said?

Available from ArtetManufacture

4. Woozy | The Hammock For Cats And Small Dogs by Wohood

5 the hammock for cats and small dogs

Combine your pet’s love of climbing with its need for a cozy place to relax and you get this practical hammock. Hook it onto a radiator or place it on the floor. Either way, this versatile and environmentally friendly product is just the thing for your little friend.

Available from Wohood

5. Geometric Light Pastel Pink by cardboardchristmas

4 Geometric light pastel pink

You’ll always know the time (and tickle your visual fancy) if you have this pastel desk clock around! Eco-friendly and with a minimalist, happy-looking deign, it’ll brighten up even the gloomiest of days.

Available from cardboardchristmas

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores