Daily Hunt

Forget about your daily routine and enjoy the refreshing aura of these stunning handmade products. Perfect for a weekend well spent:

1. Wings Scarf by Shovava

1 Wings scarf

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? This wings-and-feathers shawl is the ideal accessory to wrap yourself in and feel divine… wherever you are and whatever you do!

Available from Shovava

2. Wooden Baby Gym by WhiteOakWoodworks

2 Wooden Baby Gym

This cloud-shaped activity gym is the perfect way for babies to strengthen their muscles and to practice their reaching and grasping skills. Not to mention, they’ll look adorable while at it!

Available from WhiteOakWoodworks

3. Linen Robe by LostinLinen

3 Linen Robes

The answer to a weekend well spent in bed or around the house, this linen robe will provide both comfiness and elegance… the two essential features when your only plan for the day is watching TV and lazying around. ;)

Available from LostinLinen

4. 3 Shadow Box Display Cabinet by Senkki

4 Shadow Box display cabinet

Blending high style with functionality, this wall hanging shadow box is great for displaying all of your priceless little treasures. Suitable for the kids’ room as well!

Available from Senkki

5. BOHEMY 8 / Dyed Cotton And Soft Leather Daily Tote by DDSLLGirlsStore

5 Dyed cotton and soft leather daily tote

Bring a splash of color to your wardrobe with this minimalistic bag! Impossibly chic and hand colored in soft pastel tones, this will be the most helpful companion for your city-bound weekend adventure!

Available from DDSLLGirlsStore

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores