Daily Hunt

Today’s handmade selection is mostly dedicated to home accessories, with a few notable exceptions ;) Browse now!

1. Docking Station by DOCKSMITH

1 Docking Station

When nature meets technology: what at a first glance appears to be a raw of piece of wood is, in fact, a docking station. Made to order to match your preferred devices, this would look all sorts of stunning in your living room, wouldn’t it?

Available from DOCKSMITH

2. Bear Rug Coasters by dandyrions

2 Bear Rug Coasters

Functional and fun – what other coasters can claim to be both? Keep your table tops safe from hot coffee mugs or ice cold glasses of lemonade with these cute felt bears, and enjoy the unparalleled cuteness.

Available from dandyrions

3. Clutch Bag by boejackdesign

3 Clutch Bag

Your going-out clutch is about to get even more sophisticated! This handmade beauty shows off an exquisite play of patterns and promises to become the star of the night. Perfect as a gift for yourself or your best friend :)

Available from boejackdesign

4. Mens Wallet by SIDONIEYANG

4 Mens Wallet

It may look like leather, but this stylish wallet is made of paper. Rest assured, though: it’s not flimsy. Light, tough, wear-resistant, washable and even ironable, this is one accessory you can count on day in, day out.

Available from SIDONIEYANG

5. Ash Blokkey Organizers with or without Colored Edges by boardbydesign

5 Ash Blokkey Organizers

Keep all of your must-have bits and pieces next to the entrance with the help of this compact organizer. Capable of holding eyewear, mail or keys, this practical item will save you a lot of time. Grab what you need and rush out the door – it’s that easy.

Available from boardbydesign

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores