Daily Hunt

Dress up your home, wrists and… camera with one (or all!) of these superb handmade items. Sleek, modern and oh-so-pretty, these are the ideal items to elevate your daily life. Start browsing below:

1. Nude Color Leather Camera Case by EarthyLeather

1 camera case

Wear your camera as a subtle fashion accessory! Given its boxy silhouette, romantic nude hue and impeccable looks, you’d never know it was hiding a camera inside.

Available from EarthyLeather

2. Bound Platter by PigeonToeCeramics

2 Bound Platter

What a gorgeous piece! This hand-thrown porcelain platter would be perfect for serving small snacks or sliced fruit on a casual night in. Would fit right in with either a modern or a rustic interior.

Available from PigeonToeCeramics

3. Nautical Mens Bracelet by Naryajewelry

3 Nautical mens bracelet

Created for the active man who likes to keep his style intact on any occasion, this organic linen bracelet is an accessory that should not be left at home (or in the shop, for that matter).

Available from Naryajewelry

4. Concrete Salt And Pepper Spice Jar Set by kreteware

4 concrete salt and pepper spice jar set

This Etsy seller has been making original concrete jars since 1992 and his products are clear marks of his talent and experience. With flawless lines and a discrete appearance, these two will look superb even when they’re sitting idly on the kitchen counter.

Available from kreteware

5. Set of 3 Blackbird Coat Hangers by Guuske

5 Set of 3 Blackbird coathangers

Place these hangers in the hallway, in the kids’ room or, why not, in your own bedroom to hang necklaces and scarves. Whimsical and functional, how could you say no? :)

Available from Guuske

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores