Daily Hunt

Improve your morning routine with a mug and a sleek carrier, or bump up your daily style with some accessories. The choice is yours…

1. Large Black Coffee Mug by HadasShallom

1 Large black Coffee mug

With a heart of pure gold (literally), this mug will warm up your mornings. Power up with a sip of coffee and set off on the day’s adventures!

Available from HadasShallom

2. Porcelain Twig Spoon by MichikoShimada

2 Porcelain Twig Spoon

You read that right… a set of two porcelain twig spoons! And they look just as cute as the name suggests, don’t they? This innovative and whimsical design is sure to put a smile on your face each time you open the drawer…

Available from MichikoShimada

3. Objectify “Tota” Coffee Cup Carrier by ObjectifyHomeware

3 Objectify Tota Coffee Cup Carrier


Carrying cups of burning hot coffee is always a fiddly job… especially when you have to simultaneously handle your car keys, your bag and who knows what else. Well, that’s exactly where this handy felt carrier comes in. Take it with you whenever you head to the coffee shop and come out with a triumphant smirk :)

Available from ObjectifyHomeware

4. Red Plaid Pocket Square by LoveVirginiaRuth

4 Red Plaid Pocket Square

This neat and colorful pocket square will get you quite a few admiring looks. Use it as a bright statement to an otherwise monochrome look… such a stunner!

Available from LoveVirginiaRuth

5. Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet by MineralogyDesign

5 Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet

Say hello to your new stacking bracelet! Hand fabricated in brass and with a feminine yet geometrical allure, this is one accessory to snatch up before anyone else ;)

Available from MineralogyDesign

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores