Daily Hunt

You may find the following selection to be all of these at once: cute, fun and practical – in other words, 100% covetable. So why are you just standing there? Start scrolling pronto, you don’t want to miss out on this:

1. Copper & Oak Door Handles Set by MadeAndPrinted

1 Copper Oak Door Handles Set

Do you have an old cupboard that could use a facelift? Use these house-shaped door handles to give it instant appeal. Bonus point: they’re made of reclaimed oak and copper.

Available from MadeAndPrinted

2. Cake Book – Dobostorte by BoundlessBookbindery

2 Cake book

Anyone said cake? This adorable hand-bound book mirrors the delicious layered construction of the famous Dobostorte, the legendary cake invented by József Dobos in 1884. Oh, and it’s just the size of a real slice of cake. Yum!

Available from BoundlessBookbindery

3. Shapes Pattern Floor Cushion by ZanaProducts

3 Shapes Pattern Floor Cushion

Perfect to throw on the floor before you sit down, these geometric cushions are as practical as they are good looking. And, in these colourways, they’ll blend right in with your home. So cool!

Available from ZanaProducts

4. Small Three-legged Cat Planter by Beardbangs

4 Small Three legged Cat Planter

Can you handle the cuteness? This small cat planter is ideal for tiny succulents or herbs. And yes, it already has a drainage hole in the bottom – now you can’t find a reason *not* to get it! ;)

Available from Beardbangs

5. Beige Sitting Hammock by hamanica

5 Beige Sitting Hammock

And finally: the last (and best) item on today’s list is this stunning hammock. Beige and 100% cotton, it’ll look equally inviting inside your house and on a terrace, a balcony, or even in the garden. Will you give into its exotic ways?

Available from hamanica

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores