Daily Hunt

Buckle up! You’re in for a fabulous ride through a lust-worthy selection of handmade items:

1. Pair Of Two Handmade Resin Pinch Bowls by PIRDY

Ok: these stop-and-stare resin bowls can be used to hold anything from spices, salt or pepper to jewelry or small trinkets. It only depends on which room you want to place them in ;)

Available from PIRDY

2. iPad Sketchbook Case by LUSCIOUSLEATHERNYC

2 Ipad sketchbook case

Perfect for the artist in you, this iPad leather case can also hold your sketchbook along with a brief selection of your most precious pens. All in a compact, easy to carry format. Excellent!


3. Artemis Hairpin by AlmanacForJune

3 Artemis hair pin

Inspired by the Greek goddess, this charming hair pin is finely shaped as a crescent moon with a row a stars, all pierced by an arrow. Use it to keep your hair out of your face on a special occasion. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, even on a regular day. Because… why not?

Available from AlmanacForJune

4. Personalised Baby Toy: Name Giraffe by MadeByEdenGrace

4 Name Giraffe Toy

Hello cuteness! This giraffe baby toy in rainbow colors looks determined to bring a smile on any little boy or girl’s face. Plus, it can be easily personalized with his or her name. So precious!

Available from MadeByEdenGrace

5. Handmade Cheese Markers Set Of 4 by nelledesign

5 handmade cheese markers

The ultimate gift for the cheese aficionado, these markers are as practical as they are pretty. With a subtle decorative ‘stitch’ embossed around their perimeter and carrying the names of your choice, they will make any cheese platter look more inviting. Yummy!

Available from nelledesign

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores