Daily Hunt

Let’s hope that you’re prepared to be blown away, because the following handmade items are every bit as practical as they are irresistible:

1. Colourful Hand Woven Round Lampshade by FizzyLimeCreative

1 Colourful hand woven round Lampshade

What a total and utter beauty! This colorful lampshade has all the potential to become your all-time favorite interior décor item. Its limited edition design, creative pattern and wonderful mix of hues will turn it into a delightful statement for ANY room of your home.

Available from FizzyLimeCreative

2. Stag Brooch by SketchInc

2 Stag Brooch

If you love accessories that are eco friendly and also impossibly adorable, then this brooch is just the thing. With a lifelike shape, but an abstract pattern, it’ll bring your every outfit to life.

Available from SketchInc

3. Record Holder Handmade by CoilandDrift

3 Record Holder Handmade

Show your favorite records or books some extra loving by storing them in this fancy wooden holder. Its minimalist and contemporary design allows it to show off a different look from every angle… sleek!

Available from CoilandDrift

4. The Little Lifter – Leather Bicycle Carrying Handle by WalnutStudiolo

4 The Little Lifter

If you’ve ever tried to carry your bike up the stairs then you must know just how difficult and clumsy the situation can get. Luckily, this new accessory is here to make your life easier. The “Little Lifter” frame handle lowers the center of gravity, making your bicycle feel lighter and easier to carry. Ready, steady… up!

Available from WalnutStudiolo

5. Climbing Rope Necklace by mountainofgreatness

5 Climbing rope necklace

Break out of the ordinary with this super-cool necklace! Made out of actual climbing rope (impressive, eh?) and inspired by the majestic Kilimanjaro mountain, by African fashion and by the 80s climbing culture, this is one accessory that’ll remind you to always reach higher ;)

Available from mountainofgreatness

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores