Daily Hunt

It’s quite a mixed bag today! Between a handmade beard comb, the cutest way to store toys and a kick-ass shopper bag, you’re sure to find something that floats your proverbial boat. Look:

1. Closed Eye Paper Bag by Tellkiddo

01 Closed eye paperbag

Ok, so this may just be the most practical thing if you have kids and toys scattered everywhere. (Attempt to) keep everything in order by using this paper bag as storage. It may be even cute enough to tempt your kids to do the cleaning up themselves. Win-win?

Available from Tellkiddo

2. Desk Organizer by TheBirdOnTheTree

02 Desk Organizer

How GOOD does this handmade wooden pencil holder look? Use it to store pencils, business cards or random notes. Perfect as a gift for students, creative types or, why not, for yourself.

Available from TheBirdOnTheTree

3. Colour Block Shopper by chrisvanveghel

03 shopper ink indigo blue

Shopper bags: if you use them regularly, you surely must know how important it is that they are both roomy and sturdy. So how about one that ticks both these boxes AND comes in a punchy color blocking scheme?

Available from chrisvanveghel

4. Mint Green Studs With Gold Foil by ThePurpleBalloon

04 Mint green studs

Wear these cuties on a special occasion or… on a regular day out! The golden foil detail adds just enough sparkle to make you stand out, anyplace or anytime.

Available from ThePurpleBalloon

5. Personalized Handmade Folding Wood Beard Comb by miniFab

05 Personalized Handmade Folding Wood Beard Comb

This! This is the ultimate gift for the bearded man. Boasting a 360 swivel handle and a practical design, this may very well be the ultimate beard grooming accessory. Oh, and there’s also free engraving available. Neat!

Available from miniFab

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores