Daily Hunt

Spice up your home with several cool add-ons, then make it cozy with some well-chosen accessories. All of them handmade! Start browsing:

1. FLOAT Shoe Rack by MKLNfurniture

1 FLOAT shoe rack

Shoes are an important part of every wardrobe, so give them the attention they need! After a long day around the city, carefully store your favorite pair on this stunning rack. Made from wood and acrylic, it’ll make your shoes appear to be floating in mid-air. The coolest optical illusion is guaranteed!

Available from MKLNfurniture

2. MAKE A WISH Origami Lampshade by werkdepot

2 MAKE A WISH origami lampshade

The intricacy of this folded lampshade is enough to bring any room to life. Made out of cardboard and with a shimmering metallic surface on both sides, this folded copper beauty will have you staring at the ceiling. ;)

Available from werkdepot

3. Rain Cloud Coasters by PygmyCloud

3 Rain Cloud coasters

Hailing straight out of the United Kingdom and closely mirroring the famously capricious British weather, these little coasters will put a smile on your face. Never has rain been more enjoyable, wouldn’t you say?

Available from PygmyCloud

4. ZZZ Baby Blanket by YarningMade

4 ZZZ Baby Blanket

Any new mother will appreciate this cozy bassinet-sized blanket. Besides being cozy and hand knit to perfection, it’ll help the little one go to sleep comfortably whether at home, in a stroller or in car seat.

Available from YarningMade

5. COFFEE TIME? Wooden Cups Hanger by Mwoodshop


If you feel like the Earth doesn’t start spinning until you’ve had your coffee, then this inviting cup hanger is calling your name! Use it to store all of your beloved mugs and watch your morning ritual suddenly become more focused.

Available from Mwoodshop

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores