Daily Hunt

Refresh your home with a few simple touches! A faceted ceramic cup, a novel set of coasters or some innovative knobs are ways of adding a cool twist to your interior space. See below:

1. LEIA Concrete Knobs by KastConcreteKnobs

1 LEIA concrete knobs

Wow. Just wow. These concrete knobs could be the perfect if you’re considering remodelling your kitchen or your bath.

Available from KastConcreteKnobs

2. Raw Opal Ring by HAWKHOUSE

2 Raw opal ring

Chanel your inner boho goddess with one of these mesmerizing rings! Handmade and super gorgeous, one (or more!) of these would make a fine addition to your existing jewelry collection.

Available from HAWKHOUSE

3. Ampersand Cork Coaster by thePathLessTraveled

3 Ampersand Cork Coaster

Surprise your guests with an unusual and fun set of coasters! Shaped as an ampersand and handmade from natural cork, these are unique and practical items. Also a valid option as part of a housewarming gift ;)

Available from thePathLessTraveled

4. Hex Cup by lightandladder

4 Hex Cup

Look at this cutie! Handmade out of pigmented clay, this faceted ceramic cup opens up a myriad of options. Use it as a regular cup, a teacup, a shot glass or even as a… tabletop planter! Play around with it and see what other possibilities you uncover. Have fun!

Available from lightandladder

5. Stoneware Sculptures “Passersby” by Murtiga

5 Stoneware Sculptures

If you enjoy the more delicate type of artworks, this set of nine miniatures figures should be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Whimsical, colorful and with their own character, these little figures will be strolling through the high and low avenues of your bookshelf.

Available from Murtiga

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores