Daily Hunt

Welcome to today’s selection, where you will find a few pretty and colorful knick knacks to love and keep, along with some décor and practical items dedicated to those with a severe case of wanderlust.

Let’s begin:

1. New York Wall Clock by iluxo

01 New York Wall Clock

Whether you’ve already been to The Big Apple or it’s still on your wishlist, this cool and modern clock featuring the New York skyline will be a constant reminder that you’re just an airplane ticket away.

Available from iluxo

2. Cloud Tray by oelwein

02 Cloud tray

Feel free to use it for breakfasts in bed or simply to carry things around the kitchen. Either way, this tray has the power to – ironically – bring some sunshine to a cloudy day. And how couldn’t it? The colorful rain drops and the solitary cloud are enough to make you go “awww…”

Available from oelwein

3. All Year Round Timeless Journal by NotbookNotbuk

03 all year round journal

Finally! A journal that is neither blank nor with all the dates already filled in. If you too know the agony of having to (wastefully) skip a few pages, then this gingham beauty is for you. It has no printed dates/months/years so you can use it at your own pace, but it does come with many helpful templates – pretty sweet, right?

Available from NotbookNotbuk

4. Pastel Mint Resin Ring by daimblond

04 Pastel Mint Resin Ring

What a beauty! How could one possibly resist this pastel gorgeousness of a ring? Made out of resin, with a sleek geometric silhouette and rose gold flake inserts, this unique handmade ring will always be a stand-out jewelry piece.

Available from daimblond

5. Bicycle Bag With Flap by treesizeverse

05 Waxed canvas pannie

Always wished for a practical and cool bicycle bag? Well, look no further, because this beauty has both the looks and the utility levels you need. Made out of waxed canvas and vegetable tanned leather, this fire red and olive green accessory is perfect to selflessly give away as a present or to keep for your selfish self.

Available from treesizeverse

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores