Daily Hunt

Whether you’re looking for a small gift or just for something to brighten up your home, you’re in the right place. Check THESE out:

1. Light Blue Porcelain Mug by FreeFolding

1 Light Blue Porcelain mug

OK, so this must be, hands down, the most exquisite porcelain mug out there! Boasting a subtle geometric pattern and an intriguing blue-gray glaze, this would be simply fabulous for your morning coffee, wouldn’t it?

Available from FreeFolding

2. Benita The Bunny Handmade Doll by lelelerele

2 Benita the bunny handmade doll

Sweet, delicate and super lovable, Benita the bunny is one of those handmade items that you just HAVE to get. As for who you’ll give it to? Surely you have a kid in your (extended) family that will give Benita all the snuggles it deserves… :)

Available from lelelerele

3. Set Of Four Canisters by ashwarestudio

4 Canister

With their pristine appearance and undeniable utility, this set of canisters will make reaching for your favorite ingredients that much easier. Talk about blending function with style!

Available from ashwarestudio

4. Long Sterling Silver Earrings by IvanaVucinovic

3 Long Sterling Silver Earrings

Especially made for those who appreciate a clean, minimalistic approach to jewelry, these earrings are the ideal accessories for a chic and sophisticated modern woman. Dare to wear them throughout office hours and straight into the club. Boom-boom!

Available from IvanaVucinovic

5. Pair Of Aprons – Adult And Child by LeBlusine

5 pair of aprons

Love cooking together with your little one, but dread getting into (yet another) messy situation? Stop worrying about every possible spill! With this set of aprons, you and your kitchen helper can focus entirely on the recipe and on the process – the final result will top all expectations! :)

Available from LeBlusine

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores