Daily Hunt

Check out this fresh selection of handmade goodies that will help you organize your life, while feeling more creative and comfortable along the way.

Browse till the end and tell us which one you like best!

1. Art Sign Wood Word by OldNewAgain

01 art sign wood word

This lovely wood word reminds you to get up, get to work and make something new and impressive every day. Plus, it can seed creativity around your home or office space. Be inspired!

Available from OldNewAgain

2. Rough Rainbow Aura Quartz Point Crystal Earrings by kissthefuture

02 Rough Rainbow Aura Quartz Point Crystal Earrings

With a futuristic and sophisticated aura, these crystal earrings are sure to bring all good energies your way. Not to mention that their eclectic mix of colors and contrasting proportions turn them into a real statement piece. Will you dare to wear them?

Available from kissthefuture

3. Off White Crochet Pouf by LoopingHome

03 Off White Crochet Pouf

One of these poufs would look so beautiful and cozy in a corner of your room! You can easily move it around and always count on it to brighten up the atmosphere all by itself – instantly!

Available from LoopingHome

4. Hand Stitched Leather Camera Strap by ArtemisLeatherware

04 Hand Stitched Brown Leather Camera Strap

Ditch the standard camera strap! In fact, forget it ever existed. The replacement is here and it is extra-colorful. The leather straps are stylish, practical and fun – a combination that is hard to come by…

Available from ArtemisLeatherware

5. Large Desk Organizer by lessandmore

05 Large Desk Organizer Wood

If you’re always on the lookout for items that will make your life easier (and, why not, more organized), then this sleek wood organizer is ready to swoop in and save the day! Get ready to say hello to a way, way tidier desk.

Available from lessandmore

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores