Daily Hunt

Whimsical, colorful and SO much fun: you can tell it’s Friday just by looking at this lively mix of items. Be amazed:

1. Fancy Flamingo Plate Set by yvonneellen

01 Fancy Flamingo plate set

This plate set is somehow both cute and luxurious at the same time – which is by no means an easy feat! Whether you want to treat them as art and hang them on a wall or to impress your guests at your next dinner party, this plate set has all the potential in the world.

Available from yvonneellen

2. Butterflies Map of the World by artPause

02 Butterflies Map of the World

Crazy about travelling? Then how about an original artwork to celebrate your passion? Ok, you may not be able to precisely identify your next destination on it, but it will surely be a superb piece to gaze at. Bonus: it’ll be a nifty conversation starter when your friends come over!

Available from artPause

3. Spearmint Eucalyptus Traveler’s Soap Petals by LovelyBody

03 Spearmint Eucalyptus Travelers Soap Petals

These amazing soap petals can help you out whenever you’re in a public washroom that’s out of soap. Luckily, these petals are designed for vacations, for business traveling or for your workplace. Use one at a time (it will disintegrate as you wash) and enjoy clean, fresh-scented hands, no matter where you are.

Available from LovelyBody

4. Starburst Clock Wall Art by Senkki

04 Starburst Clock Wall Art

Wall clock or art piece – we may never know the answer. This fun and cool handcrafted clock has the best of both worlds. You can arrange the 12 sticks however you please, as markers for specific times of the day. Plus, with all those reconfigurations, you’ll never get tired of how it looks.

Available from Senkki

5. Tie Up Leather Sandals by ElinaLinardaki

05 Tie up leather sandals

No doubt, these sandals are worthy of a Greek goddess. A modern one, of course. Decorated with semiprecious stones, Italian crystals and colorful cotton straps, they would be perfect for your next beach-bound holiday.

Available from ElinaLinardaki

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores