Daily Hunt

If you’re looking for a little something to jazz up your kitchen, house or jewelry collection, going through this short and sweet list will surely leave you with a couple of must-haves. Browse through all of them below and tell us which ones you like best!

1. Embossing Rolling Pin by ValekRollingPins


This rolling pin can be used both to give cookies a fancy twist or to give texture to pottery. Either way, it will bring out the artist in you. It would also make a very cool gift for that one crafty friend that we all have.

Available from ValekRollingPins

2. Heart Trees Cake Topper Set by Cabin

02 heart trees cake topper

You don’t really need an excuse to get a new cake topper, do you? It’s one of those things that’s good to have around, because you never know when you’ll need it. This one with hearts on top of trees is perfect to use on any occasion. Your loved ones will surely appreciate it.

Available from Cabin

3. Mountains Jewelry Display by shlomitofir

03 mountains jewelry display

This beautiful jewelry display is not just a sight for sore eyes, but it can also keep your prized accessories organized. No more scavenging for that one necklace you desperately need before swishing out the door. Life-saver AND pretty.

Available from shlomitofir

4. Jasper Axis Cuff by Blydesign

04 jasper axis cuff

Minimalistic design and an eye-catching Dalmatian-Jasper stone make this bracelet a contender for your next most prized bracelet. After all, how many times do you run into simple, yet powerful designs?

Available from Blydesign

5. Midnight Navy Dark Blue Velvet Lingerie Set by ohhhlulu

05 midnight blue lingerie

One more set of decadent lingerie never hurt anyone. These midnight navy pieces can pump up the drama factor in an instant. Pretty, rich and luxurious – what else could you possible ask for? :)

Available from ohhhlulu

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores