Christmas Gift Guide: Handmade Gifts For Mom

With Christmas just around the corner, we are all smoothing out those must-buy lists so that the gifts we’ll be giving out will be both stunning and do-able. And the stakes are pretty high when it comes to family members: we all want to pick THE perfect gifts for our loved ones. Quite the challenge, isn’t it? Good thing our Christmas gift guides are dedicated to helping you find the coolest presents you could ever wish for. All of them handmade, of course!

This guide is about finding the most elegant gifts for moms everywhere. Between a precious bracelet, a light tote and a set of solid perfumes, you’ll easily find something your mom will love. Check out the following selection of handmade gifts and discover 5 inspiring options!

Tip: If you’re looking for handmade gifts for your grandma instead, follow the link to our previous post. :)

Let’s go:

ETUI Glasses Leather Wine Red by ANNABOONEhandmade

1 ETUI glasses leather wine red

A nice and thoughtful present for a mom who can never find a proper place to store her eyeglasses. Suitable for active women who are always on-the-go, this red etui is a stylish prop for keeping sunglasses or eyeglasses safe and easy to find. Very chic!

Hand made from thick leather and hand stitched with waxed yarn, this is the kind of double-duty item that can be used for other small objects as well. Think: cosmetics, lipsticks or even a cluster of pens.

Available from ANNABOONEhandmade

Chopping Boards With Ceramic Plate And Brass Wall Hook by GoldenBiscotti

2 Chopping boards with ceramic plate and brass wall hook

Cooking and decorating: these chopping boardscombine the best of both worlds. This four-piece set, which is made up of two chopping boards, a ceramic plate and a brass hook, is meant to look absolutely gorgeous when displayed on a wall. The different geometric shapes will complement each other and make the entire composition downright innovative. :)

One of the plates is ceramic and has a matte grey coating, while the other two boards are made of maple and beech wood. Your mom can use them for slicing (of course) and also for serving an assortment of cheese, meat or nibbles. All the guests will be delighted!

Available from GoldenBiscotti

Ivory Leather Fringe Tote by CORIUMI

3 Ivory Leather Fringe Tote

Ok, ok: a tote bag might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about handmade Christmas gifts for your mom. However, isn’t this just a brilliant idea? Think about it: it is the ideal bag to carry when going grocery shopping or running different errands. Roomy, good-looking and, of course, insanely practical, this is the utilitarian bag your mom doesn’t even know she needs.

Made of genuine Italian leather both on the inside and the outside, this superb ivory bag will make a statement no matter where her owner will take it. So pretty! Pssst: it’s also part of the Xmas Sale going on right now in this Etsy shop. Hop to it!

Available from CORIUMI

Solid Perfume Collection Celebrates the Pacific by PacificPerfumes

4 Solid Perfume Collection Celebrates the Pacific

If your mom is into perfumes, you’re about to strike gold with this fabulous gift! This is a set of 10 solid perfumes that celebrates the beauty of the Pacific by showcasing a variety of scents from that part of the world.

The perfumes are enriched with essential oils and are hand poured. Not just that, but they are also cruelty-free and fair trade. The wooden pods, on their part, are Rainforest Alliance and FSC certified, as they’re crafted from sustainable New Zealand beech. Oh, and each perfume will arrive in a cloth pouch, handmade by women in the Fiji Islands. The effort that went into making these is absolutely impressive!

Available from PacificPerfumes

Moss Agate Textured Cuff by MineralogyDesign

5 Moss Agate Textured Cuff

No Christmas gift guide for mothers would be truly complete without a magnificent piece of jewelry, would it now? So here’s our pick: a superb agate cuff that is bound to make a statement. And a sizeable one at that!

Knowing that the moss agate at the center measures 30×30 mm, it’s easy to approximate the overall width of the bracelet. The cuff is adjustable, so it should fit most wrists. A superb gift to love and to wear all day and all night, this beauty will go with every outfit! And, given that this bracelet is fabricated entirely by hand, we’re pretty certain that your mom will be head over heels about it. Such a dreamy gift!

Available from MineralogyDesign

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores