5 Simple Steps To Being Successful On Etsy In 2016

Let’s be blunt here: there’s no universal recipe for success. What might work for one shop won’t work for the other and vice-versa. And what is success anyway? To some of you, success means lots of sales. To others it may mean securing your first sale after weeks of hustling. And for others… well, it … Read more

Etsy Tips For Beginners

Just starting out on Etsy? Here’s what you need to keep in mind as you start working on your shop… There are 3 steps to a successful Etsy store kick-off: STEP 1 – THE SET UP: In this first phase, you’re going to have to do some serious brainstorming. Think about: A) What You’re Going … Read more

Etsy Photography Tips

Ever been compelled to make a purchase just by reading a product description? Of course not. Nowadays, photos rule our life: from magazines to news feeds, Instagram and beyond, they pack more punch and influence more decisions than, well, pretty much anything. So next time you’re listing something in your Etsy shop, make sure the … Read more

How To Become A Successful Etsy Seller

“How to become a successful Etsy seller” is easily the #1 question on anyone’s mind when they look into starting a handmade business. As popular as it may be, this query doesn’t have a particular, battle-tested answer. And here’s why: there is no single, universal and guaranteed recipe for success. Businesses are as unique as … Read more

How To Position Your Etsy Business For Success

Be honest: have you ever googled Etsy success stories? Of course you have. There’s no Etsy seller who can possibly resist the fascination of this particular secret sauce and escape the tormenting questions that come with not knowing its recipe: “What are they doing and I’m not?” or “What does their shop have that mine … Read more