Play On: The Best Handmade Toys On Etsy

Ah, yes: handmade toys are some of the most captivatingly beautiful items you can search for on Etsy. Carefully made and boasting charming looks, they are endless sources of entertainment for the little ones. But don’t stop reading if you don’t have kids of your own (just yet) – you never know when you’ll need a thoughtful gift idea for a friend’s baby or toddler. ;)

Start browsing! From dolls to a teether set and all the way to a rocking horse, these are the best handmade toys you can find on Etsy:

1. Rag Doll by TheKaties

1 Rag doll

This romantic ballerina doll would make a lovely companion for a cheerful little girl. It is very tender and that lovely shade of pink makes it simply adorable! And playing dress-up is also possible, since the skirt is easy to remove and put back on.

If you want to see similar dolls, but in different fabric patterns, you should definitely check out this seller’s shop – there are plenty more gorgeous dolls where this came from! :) Click on the link above to head to the original listing.

Available from TheKaties

2. Wooden Spinning Tops x 3 by SilvanWoodturning

2 Wooden spinning tops

These mesmerizing spinning tops are suitable for children and adults alike! Crafted from beech and colored in a fun array of hues, these have no additional finish applied, so they are wonderfully tactile and simply begging to be spun. Fabulous! The tops come in sets of three and will be picked at random, unless you prefer a particular color combination. If this is the case, simply let the seller know. They can also be personalized with your preferred name or even come without decorations – your choice! Follow the link above to land on the product’s page and feel free to convo the seller for inquiries or requests. Happy spinning!

Available from SilvanWoodturning

3. Big Foot Stuffed Toy by warmpersonality

3 Big Foot stuffed toy

No list of the best handmade toys would truly be complete without a cute and fluffy plushie, would it? Which is why Big Foot, the Pillow Pal is here – he totally fits the bill with his tiny feet and lovable face. The toy is handmade from sherpa minky fabric and is stuffed with premium fiber filling. The hands and feet are made from eco felt and there’s even a colored heart sewn on his chest! Impossibly cute! Big Foot can be ordered with either button eyes or with child-safe eyes. (Button eyes are not recommended for children under 3 years of age – that’s how you pick, in case you were wondering.) Direct link above for full product listing.

Available from warmpersonality

4. Sensory Toy Set by FeltmanAndCo

4 Sensory Toy Set

Suitable for a teething baby, this set includes a wooden rattle and a CPSIA-compliant teether, along with all natural wooden rings. Super pretty and sure to make baby happy! Oh, and they come in 3 different color schemes, so you can choose which one you like most. The options are: blue ombré, pink ombré or rainbow. You can see all of the options in the product’s original listing – simply click on the link above to access it. :)

Available from FeltmanAndCo

5. Personalized Wooden Rocking Horse by FriendlyToys

5 Personalized Wooden Rocking Horse

And, finally… Of course there’s a wooden rocking horse on the list of the best handmade toys you can find on Etsy! This classic kid’s toy is adorably made from sustainably harvested birch wood, painted with natural milk paint and finished with raw linseed oil, making it a safe and natural friend. Oh, and it’ll be a wonderful guardian as well! The painted ornaments stem from an ancient Baltic religion and are said to provide protection and positive energy. To check out the product’s listing, click directly on the link above.

Available from FriendlyToys

Happy shopping!

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores