Find Your Best Daily Routine As An Artist

mac-galsses-webSure, you can never know when inspiration strikes.

But, by now, you must have figured out when it’s not very likely to wander in, so you use those times for other activities! Yes, routine tasks…

Today we are taking a look at some of easiest ways of creating the best daily routine – one that you can actually follow AND enjoy. Its purpose? To make you more focused, more productive and, ultimately, more at ease with your work.

Here are a few easy steps that you can implement right away:

#1: Prioritize Sleep

Observe your current sleeping patterns and decide on a wake-up hour that accommodates them. Then decide on a corresponding hour when it would be ideal to go to sleep, considering that you need 7 to 9 hours per night to function properly. Stick to your newly set schedule for a week and see if it works for you. Need extra help? Use a sleep tracking app.

#2: Set Up A Specific Morning Routine And Stick To It

Setting up a specific series of tasks to perform each morning can avoid decision fatigue, making you more creative during the rest of day. You need not go as far as eating the same thing every day in order to save on your decision-making power! You should just commit to what whatever suits you best and gets you ready to roll: meditating, showering, exercising, driving the kids to school, taking the dog for a walk etc.

#3: Pick A Specific Time Frame For Each Type Activity (Admin VS Creation)

An Etsy seller is equal part artist and business person. Divide these two personas and dedicate a separate chunk of your day to each one. Creative during daytime? Then set time aside for creation during the morning and use your evening for shipping orders, answering convos or emails, scheduling your social media etc. Are you more of a night owl? Then the vice-versa applies to you. Make sure you coordinate this with your sleeping schedule for maximum productivity.

#4: Leave Some Wiggle Room

pug-webLots of things can come up and interrupt your perfectly planned out day. That’s the beauty of working by yourself, after all: that you can easily take a break from whatever you’re doing and tend to emergencies or to spontaneous opportunities. When that happens, don’t overcompensate. Pick up where you left off and, if possible, don’t work overtime that day in order to make up for it. Just spread the burden throughout the rest of the week.

#5: Disconnect During The Weekend

Use the weekend as an opportunity to relax, unwind and get inspired. However, if possible, stick to your morning rituals as usual. (If you’re being serious about it, it will actually prove difficult to bypass.) Why? Because you won’t have any trouble getting right back into the groove once Monday rolls in. Plus, getting ready for a day of relaxation just as seriously as you would for a day of work will make you feel serious about it. Step outside, go for a hike or for a long bike ride and enjoy nature. Or wander around through museums. Or just stay inside and read! Here’s a full list of suggestions.

Final word of advice? Don’t beat yourself up if you happen go off course. The entire idea is to have fun and develop as an artist, while earning a living and taking your own decisions. Enjoy the process and remember: staying organized is the true key to success. Good luck!

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