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How To Make Paper Mache Paste

Paper mache is a craft simple enough for your kids to do tat can have some pretty spectacular results. If you’re new to paper mache, or just need to brush up on your skills, Ultimate Paper Mache is a great website to check out. There are a ton of different paper mache recipes on the … Read more

Personalization Makes Handmade Jewelry Even Better

There’s something about a personalized piece of jewelry that makes it particularly special to own. Best Monogram Necklace is an Etsy shop that focuses on creating personalized one-of-a-kind jewelry. One of our favorite pieces from its collection  is the store’s personalized sterling silver monogram ring.  The ring can be customized with any initials and is made out of sterling silver, so you can wear it everyday.

Image credit: Best Monogram Necklace

How To Make Your Own Baby Onesie

If you have a friend of family member that’s expecting, then a onesie can be the perfect gift to take with you to the baby shower or when you visit to meet the youngster. Even if you’re a relatively novice sewer, making a onesie is fairly simple to do. Since you’re picking out your own … Read more

Handmade Soap Can Be Great For Men Too

There are tons of different kinds of soaps out there for women, but for men, the options are a bit more limited. Red Leaf Bath and Body has a line of “soap and shave” soaps that are designed specifically with men in mind. The soaps come in a number of different manly scents: leather, firewood, lettuce, black tea and clover. You can buy the handmade soaps on their own, or as part of a gift set. We love the idea of handmade soaps for men. What other handmade items do you like making or buying the men in your life?

Image credit: Red Leaf Bath and Body

Woodworkers Run an Etsy Business From Their Farm

Robin and Kathy Tucker are proof that you can have a successful business no matter where you live. The couple make beautiful wood mosaics that they sell through their Etsy store.  Woods come fro South Africa and Sri Lanka and  are handcrafted from the couple’s farm where they try to live as off the grid as they can (they even hand pump their own water!) Etsy made this video with them a while back to give us a glimpse at their process. Check out the vid for a look at their craft, and then visit their store to see some of their current creations!

Handmade Maternity Clothes Are Extra Special

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. Etsy has a number of different store dedicated to handmade, one-of-a-kind maternity clothing. On of our favorite stores is Modern Mummy Maternity. The store has a number of unique items perfect for expecting or new moms. One of our favorites is its Caro Cardigan Shirt. It’s a breastfeeding/nursing top paired with a cardigan. The shirt has an adjustable waist for your fluctuating weight, and can be worn while you’re pregnant through when your child is done breastfeeding.

Image credit: Modern Mummy Maternity

Sell Your Art on Society6

If you’re already selling your art somewhere like Etsy, then Society6 can be an excellent supplement to that income. The site allows you to upload your original art and photographs and sell them as prints, or on merchandise like T-shirts and iPhone cases. The site handles purchases, printing and shipping your items, all you have … Read more

Pully Light Systems Make a Unique Statement

The lighting you choose in your home can make a huge statement on your personality and personal style. We absolutely love these pully wall mount lights made by Industrial Rewind. The Etsy shop has a number of different pully light systems that have a classic look with a modern twist. They’d look great in a reading room, or maybe even over the couch in the living room!

Image credit: Etsy/ IndsutrialRewind