8 Of The Best Quilt Shops Online

It’s coming up to winter here in the Southern Hemisphere and we thought we would take a look to hunt down some of the finest quilt shops online! Like always we love to support the small businesses and more often than not, they have quality products. We have tried to hunt down a variety ranging … Read more

Old Knobs Make Beautiful Storage Hangers

Keeping your jewelry organized is easy when you have the right way to store it We love some of the creations at Gottahangup. The Etsy store has a ton of unique organizers for jewelry and other goods.  This hanger, for instance, uses cabinet knobs as hangers, giving it a whimsical look that can add a … Read more

Handmade Stories – Sea Jay Paper Goods

We are excited to release an ongoing new set of posts!

Handmade Stories are designed to give you a little insight to the people behind the Handmade stores you choose to shop at!

There is something special knowing the story of who you buy your products from and it’s often hard to get that in an online transaction! So, that is where this idea comes in.

Today we find out about Sea Jay Paper Goods. This is a great Etsy Store, that has a whole bunch of instant download prints.  So go down to IKEA buy some frames and then buy some of their goodies. Anyway without further adieu here is a little bit about the store from it’s owner Alicia Waag,

“Hello! My name is Alicia, creator of Sea Jay Shop. I design, hand-draw and digitally edit prints, custom invitations, logos, posters, and designs for screen printing & fabric. Sea Jay Shop was born the same time my amazing Daughter, Chloe Jane was. My shop name comes from her name initials “CJ” but spelled out in a way that also reflects a few of my favorite things; the ocean, and the memory of feeding the blue jays at my grandmother house when I was little.

I grew up around an artistic family. My mother is a painter, and speaks in a way that makes you feel as though you have jumped into one of her watercolors. My Dad is an entrepreneur; he can turn a shack into a beautiful renovated dream home, a thought into an amazing drawing, and a design into real life.

I wanted to start a little business on the side once I was a stay at home mom to partly make a little money, but mostly keep my creative identity alive. When it came time to narrow down what exactly I wanted to do, it was difficult. There were so many thingsI was thinking of doing, painting, sewing, designing, the list goes on. I started drawing more, and decided its what I enjoyed  most spending my free time doing. My designs are inspired from many things. Adventures outdoors, my children & love. I often see something I like or have an experience, then catalog it in my mind for a later drawing. I like to also be slightly fiction with my art.

I don’t just create the things in my shop; I also do custom pieces and designs, which is my favorite part. Taking someone’s  vision and making it come to life for them is so rewarding. I love to contribute.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy being the creator. ”

Images sourced from Sea Jay Paper Goods

Custom Handmade Jewelry – Gems Discovered!

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How To Make a Wine Glass Chandelier

A wine glass chandelier can be a beautiful conversation piece in your home that doubles as a place to store all your glasses. There are a number of different pre-made wine glass chandeliers out there, but making your own actually isn’t that difficult. Think you’re up to the challenge?PlanitDIY has an excellent tutorial  on its … Read more

Paris Chic Boutique’s Baby Pillows Are Personalized

Throw pillows are a quick and easy way to add color and a bit of personality to your home. Etsy users Parris Chic Boutique is taking the idea of personalization a step further with her personalized birth stat pillows. The 16×16 pillows are great for the loveseat or rocking chair in your babies room and come printed with stats about the newest member of the family. The pillow has the time of the babies birth, birthday, name and their weight and height. What a great baby gift!

How To Make Your Own Dog Collar

A dog collar is a fun craft you can do that results in a unique and handmade gift for one of your best friends, your dog. Making your own dog collar just requires a bit of weather-resistant fabric, a sewing machine, and a few metal or plastic collar pieces: a triglide slide, D-ring, and contoured … Read more

Handmade Cheese Markers Dress Up Your Table

Whenever you’re throwing a party, a big consideration is alway how you plan on displaying and serving appetizers and drinks. Handmade markers for your drinks and things like a cheese plate  can add charm to your table decorations without requiring too much effort. We really enjoy these cheese markers by Etsy user Persimmon Street. The handmade porcelain markers allow you to mark your cheese by region and would make a great gift for a friend or for yourself.

Image credit: Etsy / Persimmon Street

Classic Wrecks is a Whole New Take on Model Cars

Sure, you’ve probably heard of someone building a replica of a classic car, but a classic wreck?   Etsy shop classicwrecks takes the traditional model car to a new level, recreating the look of abandoned automobiles.  The hand-built vehicles are truly something to look at, and offer a pretty unique take on the craft. Check out the Etsy video, above, for a behind-the-scenes look at how they’re made.

This Etsy Store Brings Magic To Your Jewelry

Books, television shows and movies are the inspiration for FandomMagic’s Etsy store. The store features a number of unique jewelry items inspired by fan favorites such as Star Trek,  Harry Potter, and  Doctor Who.  The necklaces are simple in design, but oh-so-cute and there’s something for every type of fan. Even better, if you can’t find the type of necklace you’re looking for, the shop will create something for you!

Image credit: Etsy/ FandomMagic