How To Make Your Own Sock Puppets

A sock puppet can be a fun activity for kids that can lead to them being even more creative when it comes to acting out plays and scenes with their creations. Making your own sock puppets is a relatively easy endeavor. If you’re not sure where to get started Danielle’s Place has a great tutorial … Read more

Etsy Is A Great Place To Buy Wedding Invites

If you’re planing to tie the knot, Etsy can actually be a great place to begin your search for wedding invitations. The site has a tremendous amount of amazing handmade wedding invites that are bound to make everyone want to RSVP yes.  We really love  the work of DarlinBrandoPress. they create a custom invitation to … Read more

How To Make Your Own Potholders

Potholders are a fun easy-to-make craft that can spruce up any kitchen. You can make a potholder  with old fabric you have around the house to give it new life, or sew your own potholders out of custom fabric you buy specifically t match your kitchen decor. All you need to create your own potholders … Read more

Custom Headboards Can Enhance Your Bedroom

The headboard of your bed is often the focal point of your bedroom, it’s also one of the easiest things to swap out, effectively breathing new life into an old space, and giving your room a whole new look. Etsy has a number of really unique headboards to choose from. We really love this rustic … Read more

Create Custom Gift Bags Out Of Wrapping Paper

If you’re looking for a unique way to wrap a gift, then consider creating your own gift bags. Just One Mom Trying has an excellent tutorial up on how to take wrapping paper and transform it into a gift bag. Want to give it a try? Check it out here. Image credit: Just One Mom … Read more

Hooded Towels Make Bath Time More Fun

Let’s face it: there’s nothing cuter than a baby taking a bath. That is, unless it’s a baby taking a bath in a hooded towel. Hooded towels can make bath time more fun for your toddler, and can make for an excellent baby shower gift for an expectant parent. Etsy has a ton of great … Read more

How To Make Pillows Out of Shirts

Just because you’ve gained (or lost) a few pounds doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your favorite T-shirt. T-Shirts, especially fun logo shirts, can actually make wonderful throw pillows for your bed, couch, or other seating. DIY Network has a great tutorial up on how to take your shirts and turn them into … Read more

Try Freecycle For Crafting Supplies

Freecycle can be a great resource for inspiration and materials for your next big project. The   grassroots movements has over 5,000 different groups around the world, all dedicated to giving away things they don’t need to people in their town who might use them. The idea behind the project is to cur down on … Read more

How To Make a Bird Feeder

A bird feeder can be a fun DIY project to do on your own or with children and has the extra bonus of bringing beautiful birds to your yard. There are a number of different ays you can make your own bird feeder. If you’re looking for a place to get started,  Birds and Blooms … Read more