5 Tips for anyone Selling on Etsy

Is today one of those days? Things aren’t going right? It doesn’t need to be. Selling on Etsy can be a challenging experience. But, with the right mindset and perception you can ensure it’s always a positive one! Here are 5 tips to keep in mind for any Etsy Seller. You may notice some changes! … Read more

Etsy Photography Tips – It’s super simple!

Hunting Handmade is all about sharing helpful tips and contributing to the handmade community.

Running Etsy Hunter we get a lot of submissions with wonderful products but photography unfortunately does not show the product in all its glory.

It is a common misconception that taking quality photographs for Etsy
is an expensive pursuit! It can be, but it doesn’t have to be with a few simple steps you can take quality photographs simply using your iPhone.

Take a look at the tutorial above on Youtube. It is a great place to start and will help you take photographs which best show off your products.

Sincerely Louise – Cool Knitting Made Easy!

We are big supporters of the Etsy movement and community. One of the great things about the community is not only to buy great goods made by some of the finest crafts-people. But, there are a lot who share their skill with the simple folk like me.

Sincerely Louise is a prime example of this, she has wonderful faux knitting kits, its a perfect DIY project or even a gift to inspire someone else to get creative. Check out more at

Etsy Shop: Sincerely Louise

YarnBallStories – Drawing to Doll

We featured these guys a little while back on our Instagram! We absoluetly adore this concept, your kids draw so many drawings growing up, these are just perfect to take the drawing to the next level. A great lesson can be learnt, from concieving something on paper to making it into a physical object. Perfect lesson in creativity at such an early age.


DIY Paper


Marie Pellejo has put together a great little easy to understand tutorial on how to make your own rustic style paper. Think about the possibilities you could make your own tags for your products, cards, ornaments or just a nice way to give a little note to someone to say thank-you.

Guest Post On Hunting Handmade

WRITE FOR THE COMMUNITY We seek writers, handmade lovers, handmade makers and anybody who loves the arts and crafts world to contribute to our blog! You can do so by a few simple steps! 1. You must have your own blog to apply and be able to tell everyone about your contribution to the community! … Read more