8 Of The Best Quilt Shops Online

It’s coming up to winter here in the Southern Hemisphere and we thought we would take a look to hunt down some of the finest quilt shops online!

Like always we love to support the small businesses and more often than not, they have quality products.

We have tried to hunt down a variety ranging from quilts appropiate for the little ones and also for a more refined adult touch! Anyway, here is our select of the Finest Quilt Shops online.

For the Young Ones

1. Alphabet Monkey

Alphabet Monkey specialises in baby and boys bed linen. This Quilt Shop has a fine select of modern and fresh designs.

They are definitely right on the money with their designs with clouds, teepee’s and elephants featuring. From what we have seen these themes seem to be trending across the board among a lot of homemade makers.

If you are looking for something for a boy or your baby. You must check them out

boys quilt

2. Twiggy and Opal

Following up and still focusing on the young ones! TwiggyandOpal offer something a little different, they are more focused around geometric patterns, very classic yet modern designs.

We particularly like their use of colors and combinations they choose. A fine example of a Quilt Shop but they offer a lot more than just that. They offer a number of homeware products as well, so an all rounder. We definitely recommend checking it out!

twiggyandopal quilt


For The More Traditional 

3. Karen Griska Quilts

Quilt Shops like this are hard to find, one that not only sells but gives you access to wonder ful patterns. KarenGriskaQuilts does just that! They have a wonderful selection of more traditional quilts, however with a modern feel.

As we mentioned earlier they also offer patterns, we love this. It’s a perfect place to pick up a pattern for a winter project or maybe even summer project to have it ready by the winter! If you like a more traditional feel to your quilts. Check them out!

quilt pattern

For The Modern Man

4. Sophie Belle Designs

So you are looking for Quilt Shops to find something for you (if you are man) your man or any random man! (No we are not suggesting you buy a stranger a quilt – well actually that would be an extremely generous and kind thing to do! Anyway! :) It’s hard to find the right balance. We struggled to find one that we thought was good enough for this list. But we came up with a gem of a shop SophieBelleDesigns. Now they don’t have a wide variety of quilts aimed at men. They should because the one they have which is rather masculine is a gem! This quilt is moustache themed but its modern enough to not be so in your face with the moustache print trend . It is more geometric and we like that!

So, this is our winner here! Oh they have a lot of quilts which are suitable for Her as well.

sophiebelle quilt


For Her

5. Gypsya

Our next choice goes to Gypsya – these have a wonderful selection of quilts and throws. They are refined in their designs and very subtle but have a large selection to choose from.

There are some great floral patterns in their selection along with some more refrained and measured designs.

Although we think a lot of ladies would love this store! It really is for everyone!


floral quilt

For the Wanderlust

6. CRAFTandFashion

Can’t get to India anytime soon, but love the traditional handiwork that they have to offer. Look no further than CRAFTandFASHION.

They have a wonderful selection of traditional throws and quilts made in Jaipur. If this your thing you must check them out. We love this style and hopefully some of our lovely readers (yourself included) do to!

jaipur quilt

For The Farmers (Yes – our research shows we have a large following of Farmers)

7. Farmhouse Biscuit

Well maybe not, but Quilts and Farms go hand in hand. So, we wanted to share with you Farmhouse Biscuit. This store has all things farm house! But, most importantly they have some gem’s of traditional styled patch work quilts! They are wonderful.

So check them out! A real gem of a store and get your Farmer on!

farmhouse quilt


For the Truly Unique

8. MastGeneral

MastGeneral has teamed up with Nija’nu A.C in an ongoing effort to support indigenous elderly Mexicans living in poverty. Not only is this just a wonderful cause, but their quilt patterns available for commissions are truly spectacular! Just go on over and check them out! You won’t be dissapointed.


So thats all for our favourite Quilt Shops! We did a similar list earlier in the week if you are not after Quilts but after some Custom Handmade Jewelry, why not check out some of our great finds in that post here.

Do you sell quilts/throws?? If so tell us about your Quilt Shop below….. :)

All Images Sourced From the Respective Etsy Stores