5 Flora & Fauna-Inspired Handmade Items

Welcome to a very, very special line-up of handmade items that revolve around the flora&fauna theme. This means that they either conjure images of real-life animals or that they include plants, real or sketched. Most of the items are for your home, one is made for kids and another… well, that one is too special to give away just yet. Browse till the end to find out what it is!

1. Audrey Hepburn Quote Garden Art Print by anopensketchbook

01 Audrey Hepburn Quote

You don’t have to be an avid gardener to realize that this quote is as much about life as it is about the act of gardening itself. A lesson in patience and hope for a better tomorrow – this is what this beautiful print will bring into your home.

Available from anopensketchbook

2. Summer Linen Bunny Coat by littlegoodall

02 Summer Linen Bunny Coat

This cute little bunny coat can make for a very nice gift for the little one in your life. And, if you you’re not a parent, start scrambling for an excuse to buy it anyway (for your friend’s kiddo?). It’s way too special to pass up!

Available from littlegoodall

3. Wood and Copper Mount with Terrarium by GemsOfTheSoil

03 Wood and Copper Mount with Terrarium

Who would have thought that a terrarium could be mounted on a wall AND look so good in return? Well, a fact’s a fact and this unique wall décor will certainly bring a dose of fresh air into your room.

Available from GemsOfTheSoil

4. Wooden Owl Clock by decoylab

04 Wooden Owl clock

If the thought of an animal clock doesn’t get you excited, worry not: this intricately laser cut, wooden clock will make you change your mind. How could it not, with those tiny little feet and the wide, hypnotizing eyes?

Available from decoylab

5. Winter Kitty™ – Natural Perfume Oil by ForStrangeWomen

05 Winter Kitty™

And now, for the special animal-themed product you’ve been waiting for… It doesn’t imitate the shape of an animal, but it might just be even better! This natural perfume oil was inspired by felines, fireplaces and snowflakes – mostly felines, one might wager, judging by the name and presentation image. And, with notes ranging from vanilla and rose to amber and vetiver this should smell just like “a house cat who went outside for a winter walk and came back with chimney smoke and brisk air lingering in his fur”. Purrrfect!

Available from ForStrangeWomen

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores