5 Awesome Toys For Big Kids

It doesn’t matter what age you are, there is always the need of the big kid screaming out for something cool or fun to get your hands on! We have found some awesome items on Etsy for the Big Kid inside of you!

These 5 goodies are perfect for the ideal gift or even the up and coming holiday season. Sure we may get older as the years go by. But these items will get you reminisicing on what its like to be a kid again!

So here are our Big Kid Favourites on Etsy::

1. Luxury White Rabbit Mask by CuriousFair

white rabbit mask

Halloween has just been and gone, but you can never be too prepared right? Why not get ready for next year with one of these gorgeous White Rabbit Masks? The coolest thing is CuriousFair has so many more to choose from. They have foxes, rabbits, badgers and other cool headdresses.

If you are want to make a statement or even just have a very simple outfit these masks would definitely fit the bill.

They could even go perfectly for your next dress up party or if you all else fails. You can just sit back, relax in  your new mask and have a good old time at home! I’m sure the little ones will get involved with the fun!

Available from CuriousFair

2.Air Lounge Inflatable Lounge by studiozappriani

inflatable lounge

Okay so this is a little bit off beat! But if I had one of these clever inflatable blow up beds growing up. I would have been a happy camper. These are so easy to get set up, you don’t even need a pump. You just drag the inflatable through the air and it fills up instantly!

This has to be one of the coolest things for summer you could potentially gift to someone! I don’t know one person who wouldn’t want one of these wonderful air inflatable beds! So why not snap on up?! We just may do that right now!

Available from studiozappriani

3.Vintage Samsonite “BootyBox PDX” Boombox by BootyBoxPDX

suitcase speakers

BooytBoxPDX does one thing very, very well Vintage Suitcase Speakers. Portable. Battery Powered. This is pretty much the ultimate toy for any Big Kid! Imagine taking this bad boy down to the beach and playing your music on it! What a perfect gift to yourself.

They are all made beautifully from vintage suitcase and this colour combination of what is the last one in their store is too cool! Loving the gold details, looks perfect against the greeny blue case!

Available from BootyBoxPDX

4.Golf Club Campfire Roasting Sticks by AnotherRinse


Okay potentially the most fun thing that has ever been made for a big kid and his family! Golf clubs upcycled in to mashmellow roasting sticks! Pretty sure it doesn’t get much better than this one!

Not only does it capture your imagination at what can be done with upcycled items but it also hits the nail on the head when it comes with ultimate toys! Did I mention, it is extremely practical too! Keep you and your little ones away from the fire but enjoy the good old tradition of roasting a mash mellow when camping! What more can you ask for?

Available from AnotherRinse

5.Drummond & Hammett Resophonic Cigar Box Guitar by DrumAndHammGuitars

cigar box guitar

Speaking of upcycles! Drum And Hamm Guitars do something pretty special with a cigar box! They create these beautiful guitars!

These are a gorgeous demonstration of craftsmanship and creativity. Not only has a seemingly old and useless box found another life, it is now capable of some very, sweet tunes! This one is for any music lover out there who wants to add the ultimate big kid toy to their guitar collection!

What a beauty!

Available from DrumAndHammGuitars

Image sources via the respected Etsy Store