Has The Etsy Killer arrived?

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There is no doubt Etsy is a mammoth marketplace with a huge reach and some would argue it’s merely by default. They have wonderfully created a monopoly over the makers and independent businesses of the world.

Last year Amazon attempted to join in the fun and create a new offering for handmade makers, but it many are under the belief it’s a misalignment of values and products. Having everything mass produced under the sun next to a handmade item, is a complete juxtaposition.

However, recently we learnt of a new marketplace which after listening to one of their Founders grabbed our attention & we decided it was a good idea to introduce you to

Could this be the Etsy Killer? We will let you be the judge. is a brand new start up and we had the opportunity to talk to one of their founders Mihai. Who enlightened us on their impending release.

Here is a transcript of our chat – we hope you enjoy.

HH: Are you crazy? Trying to take on Etsy and other massive players in this field? 

Mihai: Haha, yes you could say so. But, what we found over the past couple of years of research was that there seemed to be an opening for another player in this space. A more curated marketplace which actually went above and beyond what other established marketplaces are doing at the moment.

We learnt there are a lot of pain points for sellers on those marketplaces and we decided we could attempt to solve them.

HH: Pain points, tell me more about this? 

Mihai: There is a fine balance between quantity and quality, the two main players in this space focus on Quantity. However, this is not necessarily in the best interest of the maker or the consumer. We think there is a better balance of championing fewer makers that are of a higher quality and helping these makers shine.

Sure it’s a bit of a David and Goliath situation. But, we do believe there is a genuine place for what we are striving to achieve.

HH: This makes sense,  are you disheartened by the limited impact you have seen Amazon have in this space so far? There was a bit of buzz regarding their launch but it failed to resonate amongst a lot of makers we have spoken to? 

No, not at all. Amazon is a beast of a business. On paper they are in a perfect position to take on Etsy. But, in reality I think their audiences are just too different. Etsy buyers and Amazon buyers are of a very different mindset in my opinion.

One worships craftsmanship the other price and instant gratification. Polar opposites.

HH: So where does Tribello Fit? 

We see Tribello fitting into the mix, as a more refined option. Not a complete flea market approach but a completely curated marketplace that will become known for it’s quality of makers. And amongst makers as truly trying to help them sell more product.

HH: Sell more product this sounds interesting can you expand on that for us? 

Mihai: Sure, one example of this is on release we will have what we call “Price Drop Sales” these are timed sales that last either 24 hrs, 3 days or 5 days.

The more that is sold in this time, the price drops for everyone who buys a product.

Simply put, these sales have pricing milestones. A sale may begin and $50 dollars, but if enough product is sold within that period of time you may end up getting it for $25 so it encourages the buyers to share the product and try to get the price lower through their friends buying it.

HH: Wow, thats pretty cool. I imagine that this would be super useful to generate interest for makers and to do monthly promotional pushes. 

Mihai: Exactly right, its designed to be a marketing tool and to obviously try and assist more product to be sold.

HH: You mentioned flea markets earlier, I had a look at the site and you have a section for local markets? Tell me about it. 

Spot on, we have actually put together a resource of about 1200 markets to start with all around the USA. These range from flea markets to farmers markets. A core part of the independent making is actually getting out there and connecting with community. These listed events are a prime opportunity to do that. So ,we wanted to compile a great resource of opportunities for people to get involved in their local community – we want any event that is creative, interesting and a compelling opportunity to be part of the community.

HH: That’s true! It’s always been one of my favourite things to do with my family! How about functionality compared to other marketplaces what can makers expect? 

Mihai: Great question. We have the majority of features any other marketplaces have but you have to remember we are a start-up. So, two pain points for us in development was shipping and taxation. Both are very complicated and expensive to implement to the degree that we may have liked.

We have decided to make it super simple in the beginning. All listings should be inclusive of any tax and shipping is flat rate by country/table rate.

We understand more advanced makers may want greater control in this respect. But, it’s just one of the compromises we had to make in the early stages of reaching a solid proof of concept and a viable product to launch.

HH: Understandable. I can’t imagine that would be an easy task. Something to solve in the future? 

Mihai:  Definitely, we want people’s feedback . But there is a fine line in the early stages of being capable of doing it and keeping everyone as happy as we can.

Hopefully our other cool features like Price Drop Sales will make up for any short comings in the beginning.

HH: You state you are curated. What do you look for in a maker? 

Mihai: Glad you asked. Consistent branding, excellent photography, a track record in sales and active on social media.

We are after businesses and makers that are serious in their pursuit.

HH: Do you list goods that are not handmade? 

Mihai: Straight up, yes but not your HD TV’s or anything of the kind.

It’s more about quality and independent made. Whether this is designed or physically created by the vendor. It’s all about people who get out there and attempt to pave their own way in the world.

We also extend to vintage pieces/antiques. As there is an art form in curation itself.

Two more questions. You launch on June 1st for Sales but you have multiple stages of people coming on board between now and then?

Mihai:  That’s right! We have had an invite only launch which has generated a great deal of interest and we are on instagram every day sending out invites this way.

Then we have two more stages. The sooner you join up the better deal you get.

Plus you really have nothing to lose. No listing fee’s. Simply a bit of time putting together your store.

HH: Sounds really good. Last but not least how can someone sign up and one good reason as to why they should.

Mihai:  That’s easy. The more places your products are seen the more chance you have of selling the product.

Oh and one more thing.. if you are sick of being lost in a billion products and are a quality maker. We want you!

HH: Mihai, Thanks for chatting! 


There you have it!

We think any opportunity to expand and grow your online business is a no-brainer! This seems like a great opportunity to try something new and to put yourself out there into another marketplace with a bit of a twist!

Can it be the Etsy Killer? That will remain to be seen! As with all start ups!

But, one thing is for sure, it’s doing something different!

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